FS: Various items - college move-out clearance/liquidation
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Author:  Zantor [ Wed Nov 11, 2009 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  FS: Various items - college move-out clearance/liquidation

Hey folks. I'm clearing out excess items that are in my possession in preparation for leaving town for college. I have several items for sale of all sorts. Take a look and PM or post if you are interested, but don't waste my time if you aren't serious. More items will be added as I find them.

The list:

-- Supreme Commander Gold Edition, like new - $25
-- 3dfx Voodoo2, used - $10
-- Genius K3004002 tablet w/ serial interface (not USB), used - $5
-- Logitech Z-4 2.1 speakers, used - $25
-- Ensoniq Soundscape 4016-VIVO-A ISA sound card, used - $5
-- Sound blaster 16 Value ISA sound card, used - $10
-- Sound Blaster PCI128 model CT4700, used tested - $8
-- Sound Blaster PCI128 model CT4750, used - $5
-- ATI Radeon 7500 AGP 64MB VRAM, used tested, but bad fan - $10; will replace fan for $5 more
-- 256MB ProMOS brand DDR333/PC2700 CL2.5 200-pin SoDIMM, used tested - $15 SOLD
-- 512MB HYNIX brand DDR333/PC2700 CL2.5 200-pin SoDIMM, used tested - $18 SOLD
-- various 72-pin SIMMs and one array of 30-pinn SIMMs in a 72-pin adapter - $5
-- Diamond Multimedia/Conexant 54K modem, P/N 23680001-002, used - $8
-- Intel Pentium 4 2.40 GHz, 1MB cache, 533MHz bus, used tested (possible hyperthreading capable) - $25; free shipping
-- 2 1GB, full height, full width Seagate SCSI (SCSI-1 or SCSI-2) drives in an external enclosure, used - $35, data cable and terminator included; free shipping
-- 19\" Compaq P900 CRT Trinitron monitor, used tested excellent condition - $10, local pickup only
-- Motorola RAZR V3 T-Mobile GSM mobile phone (NO SIM), used tested, good condition, wall charger included - $10
-- Mobile Workforce for Dummies ISBN 0-471-74939-7, like new - $10
-- VoIP for Dummies ISBN 0-7645-9564-4, like new - $10
-- Cisco TCP/IP Routing Professional Reference Second Edition, ISBN 0-07-041130-1, excellent condition - $15
-- Implementing Virtual Private Networks by Steven Brown, ISBN 0-07-135185-X like new - $15
-- Microsoft MS-DOS v5.0 User's Guide and Reference, excellent condition - $10
-- Cisco: A Beginner's Guide ISBN 0-07-212115-7, excellent condition - $6
-- Labtec PC microphone (with adhesive to mount on a monitor), used tested - $4
-- Descent 3: Sol Ascent (3, 4, or 5 level OEM campaign), like new - FREE
-- Belkin 802.11b/g/n WEP/WPA/WPA2 PCMCIA WiFi card, new in box - $20

Acceptable payment: Official/Cashiers check or Money Order only. I do not accept paypal, credit card, or personal checks. (I'm old-fashioned and don't use paypal.) Cash is accepted only if it is a local pickup (within 50 miles).

Shipping policy: All items will be sent UPS ground or USPS Priority Mail, whichever is cheaper. I will not sell or ship outside of the continental (48) United States. Shipping rates will be determined by the weight of the item(s) ordered and the distance it must travel; these will be calculated when a sale is started; items marked free shipping will be sent via the cheapest of the two shipping methods I have chosen. Items will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Returns/refunds: All sales will be final, and I will accept no returns, nor will there be any refunds. I will take offers. All items are untested unless otherwise marked, and shipping is an additional charge unless otherwise marked. If you are unsure about an untested item you want, I can test it if I am able to. SALES END DECEMBER 12, 2009.

Author:  AceCombat [ Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:12 pm ]
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those SODIMM's are they OEM Brand or Generic brand? i know it says HYNIX and ProMOS, but did they come from a OEM Product?

Author:  Zantor [ Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:17 am ]
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Both were extracted from machines that either got an upgrade or had died and I pulled spare parts from them. HYNIX is made by Hyundai. Dells have HYNIX RAM in them.

Author:  AceCombat [ Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:51 pm ]
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so the HYNIX is DELL. fair enough, im interested in both., let me chew it out over the weekend

Author:  mobiper [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:44 am ]
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Yes you are right but I have several items for sale of all sorts.

Author:  d3jake [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:23 pm ]
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How do you want to send out the Sol Ascent pack thingie?

Author:  Xamindar [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:29 pm ]
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72-pin SIMMs make great key chain accessories. Everything else you might as well toss in the trash/recycling.

What is Descent: Sol Ascent anyway?

Author:  d3jake [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:

Author:  Xamindar [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:53 pm ]
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Oh, then why would anyone want it?

Author:  d3jake [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:14 pm ]
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It's free?

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