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 Post subject: (New Coordinator!) D2 Substance
PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:44 am 
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After I submitted some levels to the Substance project, Viper more or less said that he pretty much abandoned it, and that I could take over the development if I wanted to.
I wanted to stick to some of the basics of the project: 30+2 5, not DOOM style (read one of Viper's later posts in the original thread when he decided to not do DOOM style). Some changes will include a slightly steeper difficulty curve, as well as the introduction of a new system at the end.
Edit: Boosted secret level count to 5.

If you want to contribute, just shoot me a PM.

Edit: Here's the level setup so far: (complete/total)

Solar System (2/6)
Zeta Aquilae (0/3)
Quartzon (0/3)
Baloris Prime (0/3)
Brimspark (1/3)
Puuma Sphere (1/3)
Limefrost Spiral (1/3)
Warships (0/3)
Eralithon (0/3) (Texture as Puuma Sphere with an abundance of lava.)
Total (5/30, 6/35 counting secrets)

Every six levels will have one secret level (1/5) with one teleporter (though not necessarily on the sixth level). You can blend the themes of the systems, however you should stick to one system's theme. Add a secret entrance if you want, however it may be changed to an extra life secret. Likewise I may add a secret exit. (I'll only tweak secret exits if I get multiple levels from each 6 that has a secret exit or the secret level doesn't match the theme of the parent level.) Just because there are only a few levels per system doesn't mean that I won't accept new levels to a full system. If the new level is better, I'll replace the worst one with it.

Anyone confused yet? :P
Edit 2: Some levels that are quasi-necessary for reasons to be disclosed later in the project:
Zeta Aquilae Zetanium Mine
Quartzon Aquarilum Mine
Baloris Prime Solite-4 Mine
Brimspark Solite-6 Mine (Done!)
Puuma Sphere Junasium Mine
Limefrost Spiral Data Center
Eralithon Biotic Lab

Your friendly neighborhood diamond-loving light wolf.
(Who wouldn't love diamonds? They're so strong! Ever wonder why Diamond Claws did so much damage?)
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 Post subject: Re: (New Coordinator!) D2 Substance
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:02 pm 
The Feline Menace
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n'ah. I only have so much time and I think Descent 1&1/2 needs me more.
Good luck though.

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