Holiday Level Championship!

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Holiday Level Championship!

Post by LightWolf » Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:22 pm

Welcome to the Holiday Level Championship!

- Must be Descent I or II (No D2X-XL!)
- Must be based on the ice textures (minor deviations allowed), with some noticeable element or inspiration from one of the related holidays (within the time period between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day)
- Must have not been released to the public prior to this competition
- Must have link to download posted here (though method of upload is up to the designer)
- Must be in by January 23rd, 2016, unless the league of submission (see below) does not have five (or more) entries on that date
- Can be singleplayer or multiplayer
- Can have robots
- Can have powerups (must have at least one key (or similar trigger-based device) in SP)
- Robot-powerup balance must be maintained (minor deviations allowed) (except in MP)
- Can have a boss in place of a reactor, though some form of device to end the level is required (SP)
- No copyright infringement :P
- Unless it is specified in the rules above (or the law – duh :P ) that you cannot (or have to) do something, the designer can choose whether or not to do it
- Missions entries will be entered as separate levels in the poll, so go ahead and break them up anyway :lol:

Miscellaneous info:
- The championship will be divided into four “leagues” – D1 Singleplayer, D1 Multiplayer, D2 Singleplayer, and D2 Multiplayer
- By the deadline, there will be a poll for the winner(s). As the competition is divided into four leagues, voting will take place in four separate forums.

Good luck!
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