D2X-XL v1.15 Retrospect

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D2X-XL v1.15 Retrospect

Post by karx11erx » Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:03 am

D2X-XL v1.15 is around for quite a while now, having gathered over 200 entries in its changelog, and so I thought I write a little retrospect, bringing its main features back into memory. So here's the major additions and improvements v1.15 has brought:
  • Anaglyph stereoscopic rendering
  • Support for three different player ship types
  • Vastly improved lightmaps
  • Realtime glow
  • Rain and snow particle fx
  • External tracker support via XML queries
  • Improved level building and modding support (directed exits, mission configs)
  • Shockwave effect w/ frame postprocessing
  • Much improved explosions with a gorgeous shrapnel effect
  • Improved RADAR
  • Particles are handled more efficiently
  • The game runs much better on low end machines
  • Improved shadow rendering creating soft shadows
  • Better collision handling
Besides these improvements, roughly 300 bug fixes have contributed to making D2X-XL a lot more stable and offer a smooth gaming experience.

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Re: D2X-XL v1.15 Retrospect

Post by Gold Leader » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:47 am

That looks fantastic Diedel! Great to see new improvements weekly with your project :D :mrgreen: Thanks bud 8)
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