AI reset and loss of weapons

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AI reset and loss of weapons

Post by LightWolf » Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:12 pm

Ok, so I was playing Hotshot coop on Mandrill level 3, and, after a few minutes, all robot AI seemed to turn off (not just weapons, ALL AI (except e-blobs and physical contact flags)). I naturally decided to take advantage of this, and died charging a fusion shot (my bad) to shoot the boss. This seemed to reset all robot AI, and I had to take on the boss, but it was harder as none of my weapons dropped. The same thing happened to the person I was playing with. Weapons started dropping again after that first death, but we had to take on level 4 weaponless. Anyone know why?

P.S. The disabling of the AI seemed to occur when I shot the switch that opened the boss arena.
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