I've created a tool to join d1x:// and d2x:// URLs

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I've created a tool to join d1x:// and d2x:// URLs

Post by Verran » Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:20 pm

I've created a Windows utility that should register these protocols so you can join games from your browser (or other apps).


Note: it uses Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0.

http://www.descentrangers.com/DxxBrowse ... up.1.2.zip

Clarification: joining games through your browser using this protocol will not get you in the game immediately. You will be at the main screen and still have to select menus. You should, however, be able to join games manually and the IP address and port should be automatically filled out. The Rebirth source code would need to be updated (I think) in order for join-direct games to work, at a later time.

Topic regarding request:

If we could get this patch integrated directly into the source, that would be absolutely great! I'm not sure if it already is or not, but the command line params aren't work for me. Patch info:
http://www.dxx-rebirth.com/frm/index.ph ... l#msg15761

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