Retrovirus Dedicated Server: Moebius

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Retrovirus Dedicated Server: Moebius

Post by Mobius » Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:51 pm

I resemble that server!

I have put up, and will keep up, a dedicated server for Retrovirus. Currently there is no way to name it, but of course, it is the level "Moebius". As I have stated at the RV forums, I leave my ship spawned in there when I am available to play. If you come in and see my ship - kill me, and I'll see the red-mist and come play.

The only existing play mode is Peer-to-Peer, so it is likely you will have 120-180ms ping to me playing out of the USA. I'm not sitting on the server at 2ms ping... My ping to you is what you bring with you.

I am very much enjoying RV online: Even though I suck badly. Sergeant Thorne - thanks for coming in and killing me. :) Sorry I left so soon - it's been so long, I am getting cramp in both my hands in online play! I need to relax!

See you down in New Zealand!
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