How to install D3 on OS X using Wineskin

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How to install D3 on OS X using Wineskin

Post by Martin » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:47 am

Heres how to install D3 on OS X using Wineskin:

Install WineSkin Winery: ... =Downloads
(If you need to download D3 from steam you have to use the windows version.)

Launch the winery app -> “create new blank wrapper”. Rename it to Descent Click “view wrapper in finder”. Right click on the wrapper -> “show package contents”. Open “drive_c”. Copy the D3 folder to the wrappers C drive. Go to the wrappers root directory and run the wineskin app. Go to advanced -> browse -> configuration. Select “nglide_config.exe” in the D3 folder. Press “Test run” to launch the glide config tool.

In the config tool set the screen resolution. On a retina macbook pro 13” the native resolution is 2560x1600. On retina displays you must set it to half the native resolution, in this case 1280x800. WARNING : Setting the resolution to 2560x1600 causes a horrible strobing effect, if you suffer from epilepsy or something then best avoid this. I only tried it on a 13" rMBP so you might run into similar problems on other hardware.

Set the aspect ratio to “fit the screen”, refresh rate to 120Hz and vertical synchronisation on. Set gamma correction to 1.2. Apply and exit. Click cancel in the dialog that appears.

Click “browse” again and select “Descent 3.exe” in the D3 folder.
In the “EXE flags” text box below it paste this: -nosparkles -nointro -deadzone0

Under "Set screen options" check all the boxes in the "Other options" group
(mac driver instead of X11, Decorate, Auto detect GPU and D3D boost)

To set the app icon open an image in preview hit CMD+c. Right click on the descent app -> get info and click on the icon in the top left corner and hit CMD+v

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