D321GO!! Windows AND Linux BETA Testversion

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D321GO!! Windows AND Linux BETA Testversion

Post by D.Cent » Mon May 17, 2010 2:14 pm

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D321GO will be released soon - the release is nearly there!

What is D321GO??

D321GO is a program for Linux and Windows, with which you can launch Descent 1, Descent2, Descent3 and (in the future),
Flight Back. The program has the following features:

- A game tracker (click'n'launch!)
- 2 GUIs: GTKmm and Qt... the right GUI for everybody :)
- A launchlink system, which runs independent from your chat client
- Configure your own start parameters!
- KDE tray icon (Qt only) for hiding the window
- An update function
- Pilot profiles for multiple PC users
- Linux fixes (checksum bug, keyboard layout)
- Supports English, German and French!
- Support for starting dedicated servers
- ... and many more! :)

Is this the same as Vortex?

No. D321GO was developed for people, who
- want to use their own IRC client without losing the possibility to use launchlinks
- use Linux, but who want to use D3 by Loki (wine wasn't tested). Runs on Windows, too (of course)
- love Open Source and who would like to search through the source code
- who also want to play Descent1 and Descent2 (and Flight Back in the future) with launchlink support
(feature request would be making a tracker for Descent 1/2)

Where can I download the beta version?

Normal users can use the direct links (see below, \"Downloads\").
Developers can see more on the project page: http://www.odf-online.org/homepage/odf_ ... php?show=3

Please note that you can only install either Qt or GTKmm at the same time (on Linux).

What is the code's license?

The whole source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3!

How do I start?

The installation usually explains itself.
For better understanding the program, we have got some video tutorials on our YouTube channel:

Is this the final version?

No. Just as the title says: It's a beta version, which means that we already tested it with some people, but we now want you
to test it to find and fix the last bugs.

Should I report bugs?

Yes, please! There are multiple ways:
- For advanced users - use our Mantis bugtracker: http://www.odf-online.org/mantis/my_view_page.php
- Switch to #odf in the DescentForum IRC chat
- E-Mail the coders (you can find the addresses here: http://www.odf-online.org/homepage/imprint.php)
- Contact either \"King Lo\" or \"D.Cent\" in the DescentForum via PM

If there should be any critics, please open a seperate thread.
Also please don't post feature requests, because there would be too many of them. We will find and fix the last bugs and release
a final version. Then you can give us some requests.

Are there any screenshots?

Qt-version (Linux): http://www.odf-online.org/d321go/d321go_preview_qt.png
GTKmm-version (Linux): http://www.odf-online.org/d321go/d321go ... _gtkmm.png


Source code: http://www.odf-online.org/homepage/down ... src.tar.gz

Windows (Qt) complete package: http://www.odf-online.org/downloads/d32 ... 0_beta.zip
Windows (GTKmm) complete package: http://www.odf-online.org/downloads/d32 ... 0_beta.zip
For GTKmm: Execute \"gtkmm-win32-runtime-2.14.3-2.exe\" first (installs runtime libraries)

Ubuntu packages:
http://www.odf-online.org/downloads/d32 ... 1_i386.deb
http://www.odf-online.org/downloads/d32 ... 1_i386.deb
http://www.odf-online.org/downloads/d32 ... 1_i386.deb
Qt: http://www.odf-online.org/downloads/d32 ... 1_i386.deb
GTKmm: http://www.odf-online.org/downloads/d32 ... 1_i386.deb

OpenSuSE RPMs:
http://www.odf-online.org/repos/OpenSuS ... 1.i586.rpm
http://www.odf-online.org/repos/OpenSuS ... 1.i586.rpm
http://www.odf-online.org/repos/OpenSuS ... noarch.rpm
Qt: http://www.odf-online.org/repos/OpenSuS ... 1.i586.rpm
GTKmm: http://www.odf-online.org/repos/OpenSuS ... 1.i586.rpm
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Post by deathbeam » Mon May 17, 2010 7:08 pm

I haven't been able to get it working yet but when I do, That's when the descent will begin. :)
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